​Our quality policy is aimed at ​improving customer satisfaction and success, because this is the best way for us of ensuring our own competitiveness.    

​​At the forefront of our thinking is customer benefit. For this reason, the collective interest and behaviour of our whole organisation, with all its members, are focused on the monetarily measurable success of our customers – with the aim of generating for our own company profitable and sustainable growth.  

​Under this premise, we regard quality as fulfilment of customer expectations involving all other relevant stakeholders - employees, partners, suppliers and owners. 

​We have a systematic quality management and define quality standards in order that our customers are always satisfied with us and the services provided. We plan and establish the processes and resources required for performing our services, we analyse potential errors and remove error causes, we evaluate quality risks and ​constantly find ways to improve our performance.

​The proof of quality is documented by a certified quality management system and meaningful customer testimonials. 

​Manuel Pasqué, Quality Manager