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​Competent und reliable.

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​Company Management

Marco Wittstock, Geschäftsführer

 Marco Wittstock

​General Manager

Tel. +49 7665 93429-15



As a company, we make a contribution to a better protection of the environment and a higher safety at work. Always aiming at offering our customers a real added value. But just selling products is not enough to achieve this goal. It is a matter of being at the disposal of our clients as service providers, of understanding their problems and of offering them tailor-made solutions. Personal discussion, solution-oriented work and a high quality have always top priority in all our services.


​Consulting and Customer Service

Uwe Faller, Umweltberater

 Uwe Faller

​Focus Hazardous Substance Management

Tel. +49 7665 93429-11


Sandra Radjanski

Sandra Radjanski

​Quotations/Order Processing & Customer Service

Tel. +49 7665 93429-0


Juju Juenah-Huber

 Juju Juenah-Huber

Auftragswesen &

Tel. +49 7665 93429-0


​Marketing & Product Management  

Inga Roser

Inga Roser

​Online- &
 Content Marketing

Tel. +49 7665 93429-17


 Alexander Schneeberger

  Alexander Schneeberger

​Specialist Oil Spill Response and Water Protection Engineering

Tel. +49 7665 93429-16


Barbara Gaffurini

 ​​​Barbara Gaffurini

 ​​Product Management

Tel. +49 7665 93429-0


Tamara Wittstock

 Tamara Wittstock

​Product Management

​​Tel. +49 7665 93429-0


​Purchasing & Logistics

Martin Stäblein

 ​ ​Martin Stäblein

​​Supply Chain Management & Warehousing

Tel. +49 7665 93429-16


​Quality Management

Ma​nuel Pasqué

 ​Ma​nuel Pasqué

​​Quality Manager

Tel. +49 7665 93429-29


​​Accounting & Administration

​Matthias Rogg

 ​Matthias Rogg


Tel. +49 7665 93429-28