​​Environmental Products

​​Discharges of harmful substances into the soil and waters are one of the main environmental problems.

In the context of our Spillosens and Wintersol environmental brands, our products help avoiding or reducing environmental impacts when handling hazardous materials and/or during winter maintenance operations, they help better meeting compliance requirements on our customers with regard to environmental protection and occupational health and safety as well as to optimise processes within the value chain.

​Complete Environmental Protection

​A Watertight Solution

​Oils, emulsions or chemicals pose a risk to people and the environment.
​Spillosens offers an extensive range of products for preventing these hazards and repairing damage.

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Free of Snow and Ice in Winter

​Environmentally Sound and Material-Friendly

​​Eco-friendly and powerful: ​for clearing snow and ice, Wintersol offers effective products perfectly combining both aspects. ​The range includes, for instance, fully biodegradable liquid de-icing agents – ​awarded the “Nordic Swan”; ​salt-free winter grit granules without sharp edges – ​certified with the ecolabel “Blue Angel” – ​or efficient thaw granules and a liquid de-icer.

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