​​Emulsion Blender

​For the targeted optimization of costs and quality when dealing with coolants

Clamp-on drum mixer for cutting fluid emulsions

The mixing valve was designed to be easily placed on drums. Inlet and outlet are conceived to fit standard water hoses.  

This mixing valve is distinguished by its outstanding accuracy. The unit makes it easier to find the correct mixture ratio between cutting fluid and water and, in this way, it saves production costs.  

Once the valve is placed on the drum, simply adjust the mixture ratio you need. Use RAW Refractometer to measure and to maintain the optimal balance. Now open the water tap and the valve will do the rest of the work for you - fast, easy and cost-efficient.     

It is important to use the correct mixture ratio for your cutting fluid. Your machines and tools will last longer, you will save cutting fluid and thereby keep your running costs as low as possible.

Technical features

Fittings½” inlet, - ½” outlet
Setting range0 - 20%
Safety2 anti-flood valves to prevent backflow
AdjustmentWheel with scale

​Practical tip for changing CF (Cutting Fluids) emulsion