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Safety and health in stationary standing positions

​​​Why Workplace Mats are so important

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​RAW Anti-Fatigue Mats for Welding Workstations

​The Anti-Fatigue Mat for Welding Workstations is the optimal solution for harsh conditions in the heavy and metal working industry. It is made of wear-resistant rubber and is particularly suitable for working in environments with high temperatures, as is the case, for example, with welding operations; the mat withstands sparks caused by welding and metal shavings and is resistant to a wide range of liquids and chemicals that are commonly used in the industry.

​​The mat, 12.7 mm thick, offers further important, ergonomic benefits in order to effectively combat, for example, fatigue or back and neck pain caused by constant standing. The strain on joints, knees, the whole leg muscles and the spine of the worker is demonstrably reduced and there is a long-lasting increase in productivity. A profitable investment in the health and well-being of employees.          

Fields of application: Industries, assembly and fabrication plants with high-demanding requirements

Workplace mat welding workstations

​Anti-Fatigue Mats Welding Workstations