​​Decon QuickBerm

​Portable multi-zone decontamination berm with drain fittings, for a safe and quick decontamination of personnel and equipment

​QuickBerm Decon

  • ​​Features
  • ​Customer Benefits
  • Designed for a portable use, folds to a compact size, quick and easy deployment
  • Ideal for the decontamination of personnel (DekonP) and equipment (DekonG) after accidents involving hazardous substances
  • To prevent contaminated fluid from travelling from one area to another or to reduce this danger and the consequent health and environmental risks connected with it
  • Protective measure in the operations of first responders to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) accidents and essential part when organizing the decontamination site 
  • Decontamination of vehicles and equipment after, for example, epidemics or accidents involving hazardous materials
  • Spill sump, Decontamination berm Quick Berm Decon