​​Decon QuickBerm

​Portable multi-zone decontamination berm with drain fittings, for a safe and quick decontamination of personnel and equipment 

​QuickBerm Decon

  • ​​Features
  • ​Customer Benefits
  • Light and portable berm made from PVC coated material for complete UV and chemical resistance (in case of doubt, please contact us to request compatibility list)
  • Quick deployment and reusable, folds to a compact size
  • Safe separation of the zones thanks to interior walls with a height of 203 mm, avoids the setup and deployment of several berms (preliminary washdown, dripping, subsequent check, etc.)
  • ¾ - inch drain fittings ensure a quick and easy washdown and disposal of the contaminated materials
  • Optional grates made of polyethylene for excellent anti-slip performance and optimal drainage of the contaminated solutions
  • Available in different sizes and wash down zones
  • Spill sump, Decontamination sump Quick Berm Decon