​​Flexible Containment Systems with High Capacity for Portable Applications

​Thanks to the use of the patented Rigid Lock QuickBerm® and Rigid Lock QuickBerm® Plus, it is possible to safely capture large-scale accidental spills and leaks of hazardous substances. They are an essential protective measure when handling large quantities of hazardous substances and, in case of an emergency, they safely contain materials hazardous to water.

Mobile spill sump for tanking trucks
Drive-on spill sump for tanking trucks
Spill sump for safe tanking operations

​Potential hazards to people and the environment


  • ​​Rigid Lock Quick Berm
  • ​​​Rigid Lock Quick Berm Plus
Spill sump Rigid Lock Plus

​​Flexible, heavy-duty, drive-in containment berm with lockable sidewalls to prevent or safely capture leaks and spills

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    ​This version with extra thick fabric has, besides all positive features of the Rigid-lock QuickBerm, an extreme durability, for extended berm life expectancy and use in harsh conditions
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    ​​Specially designed for frequent heavy vehicle traffic like construction equipment, tankers, saddle tanks, etc.
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    ​​The use of optional accessories like ground mats and special track mats and runners for maximum material protection is recommended
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    ​​For further characteristics see Rigid-Lock QuickBerm
  • ​​Customer Benefits
  • ​Application Areas

​To protect leaky vehicles designed for construction sites, tanks, storage tanks, etc.


​​​​Use as a leakproof base when refuelling mobile fuelling units


​​Protective measure for service and maintenance work on vehicles, construction equipment, etc.


​​​Additional protection for oil-filled transformers, diesel powered generators or stationary combustion engines


​​​​Short-term storage of contaminated equipment, containers or construction waste on construction sites


​​For decontamination when cleaning industrial large-scale plants and temporarily storing contaminated plant components​​​