​​Mobile Storage Tanks with Large Capacity

​Fixed wall elements confer additional stability and allow the tanks to be used also on sloping ground. The tanks are set up in about 15 minutes with 2 trained people for the 50.000 litre model.

​​The containers comprise two components connected with each other

​​​​1. ​Corrosion resistant frame support made of aluminium plate segments

  • ​​Weight: approx. 20 kg per element
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    ​​Tensile strength: 350 N/mm²
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    ​​Feature: low own weight, seawater resistant, resistant to deformation at significant variations in temperature, corrosion resistant

​​​2. ​Flexible frame supported tank made of PVC-coated polyster fabric  

  • ​​Weight: 680 g/m²
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    Temperatures: -30 up to +70 °C
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    ​​​Colour: Can be freely chosen, signal colour recommended