​​​Flexible Spill Control Funnel

The Funnel is used wherever hazardous liquids must be caught or diverted quickly and in a secure manner.

Foldable funnel-Flexible spill funnel
Foldable spill funnel-PVC funnel
Flexible spill funnel-PVC funnel

​Fields of Application and Customer Benefits:

  • ​​Fast way to protect against trips and falls or quick response under emergency spill conditions after material and machinery damage
  • ​​To channel the collected liquids to containers or floor drains
  • ​​To quickly capture ceiling leaks from, for example, ruptured overhead pipes or leaky spots
  • ​Additional protective measure during maintenance and service tasks on overhead pipes, etc.
  • ​​Prevention of environmental damage, thanks to the secure containment of liquids hazardous to water


  • ​ ​Yellow Funnel
  • ​​Red Funnel

​Leak diverter to safely capture and redirect liquids

  • Made from PVC coated fabric for highest water tightness and resistance
  • Flow rate of 15 liters/minute
  • Different sizes
  • Attachment with high strength magnets or straps
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simply connect to a garden hose to drain liquid away
Flexible spill funnel