​​​Foldable Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sumps

​​​​​More flexibility is not possible 

Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sumps of RAW made from premium grade polyester with a PVC surface are particularly tearproof and repel dirt. Once it is unfolded, the pool transforms, in a few simple steps, into a very stable collapsible sump; if leaks or overflows should occur, the sump can reliably contain them.

Thanks to the build-in steel ropes, the sumps filled with liquids or solid substances can be transported without any problems.

But the spill sumps are able to perform much more: they can be used versatilely as an extremely tough groundsheet or as a Cargo Spill Sump.


Mobile spill containment sump-Foldable spill sump

Mobile spill containment sump to catch hazardous substances

Mobile spill containment sump to minimize liability risks

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