​​Foldable Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sumps

​More flexibility is not possible

Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sumps of RAW made from premium grade polyester with a PVC surface are particularly tearproof and repel dirt. Once it is unfolded, the pool transforms, in a few simple steps, into a very stable collapsible sump; if leaks or overflows should occur, the sump can reliably contain them.

​Thanks to the build-in steel ropes, the sumps filled with liquids or solid substances can be transported without any problems.

But the spill sumps are able to perform much more: they can be used versatilely as an extremely tough groundsheet or as a Cargo Spill Sump.


Mobile spill containment sump-Foldable spill sump

Mobile spill containment sump to catch hazardous substances

Mobile spill containment sump to minimize liability risks

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Fields of application: In the mobile area where liquids may have to be secured and caught, for example in the sectors of industry, transport and logistics, hunting and fishing, agriculture and forestry, construction, airports and ports, military, civil protection, etc. Can also be used as a decontamination sump (FMA.XL2).


​​​​​A level indicator shows the actual volume of liquid in the tank.


​​Thanks to the built-in wall reinforcement, the foldable sump remains stable without any auxiliary devices.


​​​In an unfolded state, the foldable Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sump can be used as a very tough groundsheet or as a tarpaulin to cover gullies.


​​​​Equipped with steel ropes and carbine hooks, the Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sump can be moved or transported without any problems when it is full.


​​Once folded up, the Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Sump is placed in a well manageable bag, so that it can be carried easily and stored in a space saving way.


The spill sumps come in a variety of sizes (capacity from 25 to 1.600 l).​​​


Material: PES, PVC surface. Resistant to a wide range of liquid chemicals, particularly to common operating fluids, such as heating oil, diesel, hydraulic oil, gasoline, etc. (see Chemical Resistance List).


​Colour dark green.