​​​Cans for Filling and Decanting Operations

​​The easy to use Safety Cans are an economical and reliable solution for the safe handling of flammable liquids.

Safety cans for flammable liquids
Safety cans Accuflow
Safety cans for flammable liquids
Safety cans for flammable liquids

​Product Range

  • ​Type 1
  • ​Type 1 PE
  • ​Type 2
  • Cans for Liquid Transfer

​Safety Cans for Filling and Transferring Flammable Liquids - made of steel or PE -

​The reliable possibility to fill at favourable prices, made of steel or polyethylene.

Safety cans for flammable liquids of PE

​The cans for filling and transferring liquids have all the benefits of the Type I Safety Cans, with the addition of further features making them the first choice for laboratory specialists when hazardous liquids must be transferred into test tubes, small glass bulbs/beakers.

  • Justrite​​® polyethylene Shelf Dispensing Can has an excellent protection against corrosion.
  • A patented, unique conductive carbon insert is fixedly embedded into the rib of the safety can between flame arrester made of stainless steel wire mesh and closing mechanism. When used with a grounding cable, this provides proper grounding of the safety can.
  • Justrite​​® steel and polyethylene Shelf Safety Cans have a faucet that is mounted 51 mm above the bottom to eliminate lifting the safety cans during dispensing. The self-closing faucet offers precise and smooth dispensing of the liquid.
Safety cans-Cans for filling operations