​​​Justrite® ​Dip Safety Tanks

​​​​​​​​TÜV - GS Seal - 10-Year Warranty

Justrite® Dip Safety Tanks For Cleaning Parts


For areas where a larger rinse tank is oversized or unwieldy.

Light and easy to handle, can be used versatilely due to their compact dimensions:

  • With self-closing cover in case of fire (above 74 °C)

The Dip Safety Cans for small parts are designed for use on worktables or workbenches. The workpiece is simply placed on the spring-loaded perforated plate made of metal and pressed down. Thanks to the spring, the plate automatically returns to start position again and the liquid flows, passing through the holes, back into the tank. The perforated plate serves, at the same time, as an effective flame arrester to avoid flashback ignition.

Justrite safety cans-Dip safety can