Absorbent Flakes, Absorbent Bands and Absorbent Strips for Oil and Chemicals

Absorbent Flakes for Oil and Chemicals

​Oil Absorbent Flakes

​​Absorbent Flakes for Oil and Chemicals

Oil Absorbent Bands and Absorbent Strips for Chemicals 

  • ​Oil Absorbent Bands
  • ​​​Absorbent Strips for Chemicals 

Absorption material for dangerous goods packaging

When transporting liquid dangerous goods, it makes sense to use sorbent materials for reducing risks and, in many cases, it is prescribed by law.

For example, this applies for the international air transport:

"...absorbent material must be used in sufficient quantity for the inner packagings of glass or earthenware containing consumer commodities of class 2 or 3 or liquids of section 6.1 to absorb the liquid content of the largest of such inner packagings contained in the outer packaging. Absorbent material and shock absorbing material must not dangerously react with the content of the inner packagings..." (source: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Annex H)

Our polypropylene products are particularly well suited to be used as filling material for approved dangerous goods packagings, when transporting liquid, hazardous substances.    

They are both absorbent material and shock absorbing material and are characterized by following features

  • very high absorption capacity
  • no dangerous reactions (i.e. high compatibility) with almost all liquid substances
  • low weight
  • dust-free
  • custom sizes and custom grammage are available on request 

Alternatively, our Universal (Chemical) Absorbent Pads can be used as dangerous goods packaging.

ADR fill material-Absorbing agent