​Drum Top Covers

​​​It keeps Barrel Tops and Floors Clean

​​​​​Drum Top Covers are designed to keep barrel tops clean when liquids such as coolants and lubricants, solvents, etc. are leaking and prevent that these liquids run down the sides of the drum.

​​In this way, a soiling of the work area is avoided in a simple and effective manner and this contributes to improve workplace safety.      

​Drum Top Covers with bunghole to fit 210 litre drums.

Drum top cover-Absorbing agents
Nonwoven oil sorbents-Drum top cover
  • ​​Oil-Only Drum Top Cover
  • ​Universal Drum Top Cover
  • ​Drum Top Cover - Product Quality

​​For absorbing oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids

Oil sorbent-Drum top covers

Drum Top Cover for Oil