​​​​​Oil Absorbent Booms, Oil Absorbent Pillows, Oil Absorbent Sweep

​Effective cleanup of oil spills on water

Oil absorbent boom-Oil binder for water protection

Oil absorbent boom-Oil absorbent for removing oil

Absorbing agents-Oil sorbents for water protection

Oil sorbents-Oil binding agents-Oil absorbent boom

​Oil Absorbent Booms

Accidents with oleaginous or chemical substances occur frequently. These accidents are often accompanied by  considerable contamination of the environment.  People, animals and the environment are directly affected.
The largest impact can be seen in waters. Cleaning up oil spills on water ist very difficult and it results in high costs.

Therefore, it is urgently necessary to reduce and remove the contamination with subsequent disposal as soon as possible.

In this case, Oil Booms are used.

Oil sorbent-Oil boom

  • Oil Absorbent Booms PP
  • ​​​Oil Absorbent Booms Cotton
  • ​​Oil Absorbent Booms Cork

S U P E R   A B S O R B E N T

These Oil Booms filled with PP absorbent cotton offer, besides all other positive features of our further Oil Absorbent Booms, an even higher absorption capacity.

Oil boom-Oil absorbent snake

​Oil Absorbent Pillows (Skimmer Pillows)


​Oil Absorbent Sweep