​​Oil Sorbents and Chemical Sorbents with Super Absorbent Power for the Economical Prevention and Removal of Spills

RAW EcoLine Nonwoven Sorbents - an "all- purpose sorbent" with a very good absorbing performance, high tensile strength, uniform absorbency on the whole surface area of the nonwoven fabric and maximum retention capacity, combining all quality features.

​An oil and chemical sorbent of polypropylene suitable for

  • ​virtually all working areas where liquids are processed, stored or transported to properly absorb leaks  
    ​as well as
  • ​a preventive use
Oil sorbents-Oil binders-Chemical sorbents

​Process efficiency by systematically keeping clean work areas ​​

Oil sorbents-Oil binders-Chemical sorbents

​Prevention of contamination and/or of unnecessary work interruptions due to subsequent cleaning

Oil absorbents-Oil binders for the protection of waters

​​Effective measure to ensure emergency response after accidents on waters

  • ​Nonwoven Oil Sorbents
  • ​​​Nonwoven Chemical Sorbents
  • Product Qualities

Ideal for leaks and spills as well as for maintenance jobs ​

  • 100 % polypropylene - ​inert against a very wide range of common – also aggressive – liquid chemicals, such as acids, bases and strong oxidants (see DEKRA Test Report)
  • ​Oleophilic/hydrophilic (attracts oil and water) material properties
  • ​For clean-up and maintenance operations, laboratory, transport of dangerous goods, etc.
  • ​For quick response or prevention


  • Universal sorbent (nonwoven oil sorbent/nonwoven chemical sorbent), grey
    ​For absorbing almost all common oils, coolants, lubricants, solvents and water-based liquids, such as acids and bases.
Nonwoven chemical sorbents-Chemical absorbents

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