​Oil Sorbents and Chemical Sorbents with Super Absorbent Power for the Economical Prevention and Removal of Spills

​RAW EcoLine Nonwoven Sorbents
​- an "all- purpose sorbent" with a very good absorbing performance, high tensile strength, uniform absorbency on the whole surface area of the nonwoven fabric and maximum retention capacity, combining all quality features.

An oil and chemical sorbent of polypropylene suitable for

  • virtually all working areas where liquids are processed, stored or transported to properly absorb leaks  
    as well as
  • a preventive use
Oil sorbents-Oil binders-Chemical sorbents

​Process efficiency by systematically keeping clean work areas ​​

Oil sorbents-Oil binders-Chemical sorbents

​Prevention of contamination and/or of unnecessary work interruptions due to subsequent cleaning

Oil absorbents-Oil binders for the protection of waters

​​Effective measure to ensure emergency response after accidents on waters

  • ​Nonwoven Oil Sorbents
  • ​​​Nonwoven Chemical Sorbents
  • Product Qualities

Ideal for leaks and spills as well as for maintenance jobs ​

  • 100 % polypropylene - ​inert against a very wide range of common – also aggressive – liquid chemicals, such as acids, bases and strong oxidants (see DEKRA Test Report)
  • ​Oleophilic/hydrophilic (attracts oil and water) material properties
  • ​For clean-up and maintenance operations, laboratory, transport of dangerous goods, etc.
  • ​For quick response or prevention


  • Universal sorbent (nonwoven oil sorbent/nonwoven chemical sorbent), grey
    ​For absorbing almost all common oils, coolants, lubricants, solvents and water-based liquids, such as acids and bases.
Nonwoven chemical sorbents-Chemical absorbents

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