​​​Lower Amount of Oil Binder. Lower Costs. Lower Environmental Impact. 

Oil Absorbent Recycling PackSystem of HDPE stores, spreads, sorbs, collects and recycles CycleSorb cost-effectively and efficiently. No problem when too much CycleSorb is applied to the surface. The material not contaminated with oil falls back into storage container.  

Cycle Sorb Oil Absorbent:

  • Oil Sorbent on the basis of lignocellulosic fibres (95 % compostable)
  • ​Suitable for hydrocarbons and all non-aggressive liquids
Oil binder-Oil absorbent-Oil sorbent

​Scattering the oil binder (oil sorbent, absorbing agent)

Oil binder-Oil sorbent-Absorbing agent

​Distributing the oil binder (oil absorbent, absorbent materials) 

Oil sorbent-Oil binder

​Collecting the oil binder (oil absorbing agent, absorbents) ​

4 good reasons for Cycle Sorb Pack

​​1. Eight times more efficient

​2. Recyclable + reusable

​3. Rapid + functional

​4. Prevents overdosing

Oil binder-Oil sorbent
Oil absorbent-Oil binder-Absorbent materials
Oil binder-Absorbing agent-Oil absorbent
Oil binder-Oil absorbent-Oil sorbent