Oil Containment Booms for the Active Protection of Waters

+ 20 years of experience | + 1.000 successful projects

Innovative and effective solutions to protect the environment are our passion and high competence. ​In the course of more than 20 years, we have successfully supported our customers in over a 1.000 projects to find solutions for the implementation of our reliable oil weir technology. These longstanding experience, passion and profound expertise, ​make us ​a First Class Partner in the realisation of environmental protection projects ​in the field of ​technology for oil containment booms and oil skimmers.

RAW Oil Booms

​​A distinction is made between 3 various types:

- Oil booms in form of pure oil containment booms: also called passive oil booms.
- Oil absorbent booms: oil booms absorbing and/or soaking up pollutants like, for example, fuels, oils etc. in an "active" way and
- Combi oil booms: oil booms containing and at the same time "actively" absorbing pollutants.

Oil boom-RAW-200-L

​Oil Boom RAW 200-L

​​​​RAW is the official sales representative of ELASTEC/American Marine Inc. for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

​Examples and references

Oil Boom RAW 200-L

Project "Altrheinarm"