​​Oil Booms with Floating Baffle

​Oil Containment Booms with Floating Baffle are non-absorbent oil booms designed to float; the floats are made of polyurethane hard foam or polystyrene and mounted vertically over the entire height of the boom to maximise, even when compared with other types, its stability. When used in fast currents, they are more prone to tipping over than curtain booms and, for this reason, they are actually employed in calm waters.

The basic material of the boom is normally fully welded PVC fabric. The ballast weights of zinc-plated steel (they were previously made of lead) are enclosed in the pockets of the floats. For some models (AR-70 ASTM), the pockets are fitted with inlet openings allowing the chambers to fill with water to achieve an even more stable position in the water.  

Oil Containment Booms with Floating Baffle are usually for long-term use, for example when they are permanently installed at weirs.  


​Oil Boom AR-70 ASTM