​​Inflatable Oil Containment Booms 

​Air Inflatable Oil Booms are non-absorbent oil booms designed to float.

The flotation elements comprise inflatable chambers that are filled with air, thus making it possible to stow the boom very compactly if compared with passive oil booms with fixed floats. It is also possible to wind on each reel a considerably higher number of metres.

​Oil Boom RAW 200-L

The inflatable air chambers must be filled with air as the boom is deployed into the water. The basic material of the boom is normally fully welded PVC fabric or vulcanized neoprene with hypalon. The ballast weight is usually a galvanized steel chain acting, at the same time, as a bottom tension member. One exception is, for example, our ShoreMax Shore Seal Oil Boom fitted, in its lower portion, with twin water tubes running parallelly and acting as a ballast weight; this enables the boom to be also deployed in dry land.        

Inflatable oil booms are very popular because of their space-saving storage. The model variants and application fields range from still inland waters to heavy-duty conditions in the offshore area.

Oil boom Air Max

Oil Boom AirMAx

Oil boom RAW 200 L

​Oil Boom RAW 200-L

Oil boom RubberMax

Oil Boom RubberMax