​Shore Seal Oil Booms

As a special containment boom for use in shallow water environments or directly on dry land, we offer the boom ShoreMax. It is also often called Shoreline Oil Boom.

The floats consist of inflatable air chambers that must be filled with air as the boom is deployed into the water. This makes it possible to stow the boom very compactly if compared with non-absorbent oil booms with fixed floats.  

​It is ideal for making the transition between a conventional floating boom and the shoreline.

Equally ShoreMax is very useful in swamp and marsh areas where the water level can rise and fall. Ballast is provided by water filled tubes.

When the boom is deployed in shallow water or on dry land, the twin water tubes will form a seal, preventing the spread of oil. The top tube, filled with air, provides buoyancy. As an option, this tube can be fitted with fixed floats of polyurethane hard foam.

ShoreMax consists of welded, heavy-duty urethane. It lays flat when not filled requiring less storage space; it can also be easily wound around a reel.  

Oil containment boom-Shore seal oil boom