​​​Oil Absorbent Booms (Active Oil Booms)

​For the absorption and containment of oil on water surfaces

Effective cleanup of oil spills on water

Use of absorbent oil booms after oil accident

Oil booms with powerful cork absorbent fill material

CorkSorb oil absorbent boom

Oil boom to effectively absorb hydrocarbons and oils

Accidents with oleaginous or chemical substances occur frequently. These accidents are often accompanied by  considerable contamination of the environment.
People, animals and the environment are directly affected.
The largest impact can be seen in waters. Cleaning up oil spills on water ist very difficult and it results in high costs.

Therefore, it is urgently necessary to reduce and remove the contamination with subsequent disposal as soon as possible.

In this case, Oil Booms are used.

​Product Range

  • ​Booms with PP-Flakes
  • ​Booms with PP-Cotton
  • ​Booms with Cork

RAW® offers intelligent products for the response to accidents that have already occurred and for preventive use. RAW® Oil Absorbent Booms consist of a textile fabric sausage shaped tube completely filled with actively absorbing, compacted polypropylene flakes and is therefore very form stable. The fabric tube gives an optimal and uniform shape to the flakes, even when fully saturated. The flakes provide a maximum contact surface to the oil spill and they guarantee the highest absorption and binding power, preventing that the oil absorbed escapes again.

The Oil Absorbent Boom is encased in a tear resistant nylon mesh skin, with an optimal mesh size of approximately 6 mm, where a sturdy tow rope, running over the entire length of the boom, is fitted. Oil Absorbent Booms are easy to handle through the big snap hooks and rings on each end, they can be optimally linked together allowing an overlap to ensure high safety. This prevents oil bypass between joins.

The Oil Absorbent Boom is intended for the demanding continuous use and is able to float even when fully saturated.

Oil absorbent boom-Oil sorbent for effective water protection