​​​​​​Drain Covers

For preventive use or as an emergency measure for the protection of the drainage system

Drain Covers made of polyurethane or Magnetic Drain Covers

  • ​Drain Covers Polyurethane 
  • ​M​agnetic Drain Covers

​The Magnetic Drain Cover is practical and effective. Within a few seconds the cover is deployed on the drain grating and it prevents contaminants and hazardous substances from entering drains. Due to the fact that it is permanently magnetic, it adheres to all ferrous surfaces. With wall mounted storage frame (MKA.Z01) of galvanized steel or as a kit (MKA.04), it is perfectly stored and immediately at hand. Our shoulder straps are also suitable to store the Drain Cover.

Drain cover

Product Features

The Magnetic Drain Cover consists of an isotopic magnetic film. It is only 0.9 mm thick, flexible and conforms to the shape of the surface. It is weatherproof (temperature range: 25° C up to max. + 80° C) and resistant to alkalis, acids, petroleum products as well as most of other industrial chemicals.

  • Practical wall mounted storage frame and shoulder straps (available as accessories)
  • Compact, easy to maintain and re-usable
  • Material: Isotopic magnet film with permanently magnetic features
  • Colour: Black anthracite
  • Thickness: 0.9 mm
  • Grip/pressure force: 52 g/cm²

The Magnetic Drain Cover can be rolled up and stored together with our shoulder straps (ideal temperature +15° C up to +25° C). To ensure that the Drain Cover regains its flat shape, it should be rolled up in the opposite direction prior to use.

Note: To provide best sealing performance, the Magnetic Drain Cover must sit as flush as possible with the gully grating you are going to cover or it must be slighltly larger than the grating; the edge of the gully should be sealed. For gully gratings without continuous iron edge, we recommend our flexible Drain Covers of polyurethane.