​RAW Spill Emergency Bin (Spill Kit) is the professional prevention for areas prone to spills.   

The Oil or Universal Absorbents contained, depending on the type, in the Spill Kit soak up the widest variety of spills such as oils, emulsions, paint, lyes and acids. The absorption capacity of our RAW Spill Emergency Bin (Spill Kit) amounts to max. 262 litres.

The 240 litre bin rolls easily over surfaces and allows you to avert hazards quickly and simply, directly on site. Depending on the Spill Kit type, the included accessories permit to deal with spills rapidly and in a safe way and to dispose of the contaminated absorbent afterwards.

The Spill Kit Bin can be refilled either as complete kit or each single content of it packaged in regular sales units. In the case of largest spills, the 240 litre container can be directly used for the temporary storage of the contaminated absorbents.

Oil sorbents and chemical sorbents for damage control

​Bin RA 10 30