​​Boxes With Oil and Chemical Absorbents

Spill Emergency Boxes (Spill Kits) are particularly suitable for mobile use in areas where hazardous substances escape or have escaped and oily or chemical liquids are transported, stored or processed.

The Oil, Universal or Chemical Absorbents contained, depending on the type, in the Spill Kit soak up the widest variety of spills such as oils, emulsions, paint, lyes and acids. The absorption capacity of our RAW Spill Emergency Boxes (Spill Kit) amount to around 35 litres.

Depending on the model, Spill Emergency Boxes (Spill Kits) are made of PP with leak-proof lid clip or of acid-proof and shock-resistant PE giving them a high breaking strength and shock resistance even at low temperatures. The empty containers can also partially be used as collection containers and, due to their compact dimensions, they can be easily transported and stored.    

Spill Emergency Boxes (Spill Kits) can be refilled either as complete kit or each single content of them packaged in regular sales units.

​Box RA 10 20, Spill Kit for oil and chemicals

​Box RA 10 20, Spill Kit for oil and chemicals