​RAW Spill Emergency Drums are the emergency response for indoor and outdoor locations. They are used in areas where hazardous substances escape or have escaped and oily or chemical liquids are transported, stored or processed. 

The Oil and Chemical Absorbents are stored in a chemical-resistant UN-X approved 120 litre PE drum with wide neck. The lid with clamping ring and seal ensures the contents are protected from moisture, even outdoors. 

With information signs: black with yellow stripes and three environmental symbols. Label with instructions for use and information about disposal on the lid. Quick response time in case of emergency, due to understandable pictograms with information on how to use the contents.

The Oil, Universal and Chemical Absorbents contained, depending on the type, in the Spill Kit soak up the widest variety of spills such as oils, emulsions, paint, lyes and acids. For example, for large spillages in outdoor areas RAW Elephant Sorb / Elephant Sorb Special (Chemical and Oil Binder), for indoor areas Green Stuff Universal Absorbent Concentrate (Universal Binder). For containing spillages Green Stuff Socks. In areas that are prone to drips Green Stuff Universal Pillows.

The absorption capacity of our RAW Spill Emergency Drums (Spill Kit) amounts to about 79 litres.

Spill Emergency Drums (Spill Kits) can be refilled either as complete kit or each single content of them packaged in regular sales units.

Oil and chemical absorbents in drum