​​​Pallet Box

​​​Spill Emergency Pallet Box (Spill Kit) is, for example, very well suited for storing Oil Absorbent Booms, Skimmer Pillows, Meltblown Absorbent Pads and Pad Rolls. Due to its 4 opening flaps, all products are easily accessible. The contents serve for fast containment and removal of polluted waters. 

The robust wheels make the box also suitable for mobile use. The Pallet Box can be easily moved to remote locations by lift truck or forklift truck.

The box content is suitable for soaking up oil and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. The products are absolutely unsinkable and thereby ideal for use on water surfaces polluted by oil.

Note: Pallet Boxes are partly also OPA90 compliant - i.e. they meet the requirements of the American Oil Pollution Act (OPA - Oil Pollution Act) of 1990. It was signed into law in the wake of the worst oil spill disaster in world history heretofore - the sinking of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.

Since this accident, mandatory requirements have been applying for oil tankers, vessels and ship owners to prevent, mitigate and respond to oil spill incidents. The Act includes, among other things, requirements prescribing that absorbent materials must be kept on board in order to soak up certain volumes of on-deck oil spills.     

Following is to be kept in stock: 

  • for oil tankers with a length of up to 400 feet (120 m): absorbent materials for soaking up at least 294 gallons (approx. 1.11 m³), [33 CFR Part 155.21] 
  • for oil tankers with a length of more than 400 feet (120 m): absorbent materials for soaking up at least 504 gallons (approx. 1.9 m³), [33 CFR Part 155.205] 
Oil sorbents and chemical sorbents pallet box